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Tonic was one of the first fragrances I brought in from my own lab.  When a popular retailer closed quite a few of us were sad to lose this exquisite fragrance. It's a spa scent that combines with other fragrances into something totally new.

Tonic is a green tea and citrus type of fragrance.

Acceleration: None

Discoloration: None. I blend well with oils before introducing lye to ensure it blends very well.  Once i experienced yellow streaks when I added it late and didnt blend well. 

CP Soaping Notes: It's potent, so try it at 4% or so in a test batch and adjust from there.

Candle Notes: You may want to test with a lower % than typical fragrances. Start at 6% and evaluate from there.

Tonic blends well with woods, citruses, florals, teas, and kelpy fragrances to make something completely different with each iteration.


IFRA Categories Limit % IFRA Categories Limit %
Category 1 Not Applicable Category 7A 3.94%
Category 2 3.66% Category 7B 3.94%
Category 3 2.4% Category 8 1.11%
Category 4 66% Category 9 10%
Category 5A 6% Category 10A 10%
Category 5B 3.29% Category 10B 38%
Category 5C 4.47% Category 11A 1.11%
Category 5D 1.11% Category 11B 1.11%
Category 6 Not Applicable Category 12 No Restriction



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All Co-op and surplus fragrance is packaged in 1 lb increments. I use PET Bullet Bottles to make the most of shipping. Usually USPS is the most economical. If ordering bulk, I will seek out the best rate for your order and adjust the refund accordingly. If enough interest in fragrance co-op sizes,  I may offer 8 oz sizes in the future.


The Scent Works fragrances were some of the very best on the market. Many of us mourned the loss for years. When asked what fragrance was missed most, nearly unanimously people responded TONIC!. Thanks to a friend in Canada we were able to send an original to our favorite lab and now have this scent forever. It was nearly $50 per lb a decade ago, and worth every penny. It is definitely a spa scent, with notes of green tea that is NOTHING like any other on the market today. Believe the Dishers who tried every single one of them.


 When new in untapped keg, clear. With time a slight yellow. 


Test at lower usage rates at first.  Mix well into soap to prevent yellowing.



Class 1 - not allowed

Class 2 - 7% 

Class 3 - 12%

Class 4 - 10%

Class 5 - 7%

Class 6 - not allowed

Class 7 - 9%

Class 8 - 7%

Class 9 - 10%

Class 10 - 19%

Class 11 - no restriction


Blends Well With:

Any wood, floral, water scent, ocean scent, herbals, musk.

CP Soaping Notes:

This version is excellent in cold process soap at 0.5- 0.7 oz of FO per lb of oils. It is a powerfully strong scent OOB.

Acceleration: As easy as it gets. No A in my high stearic blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, palm, olive, castor blend.

Discoloration: Ivory. If not mixed well into your soap it will yellow with time.

I use this in every single wax in my shop. It performs well for me using typical wicks,  in soy, coconut and beeswax at 6%  (1 oz of FO per lb of wax). Your wax my require a wick up or down a size. When wicked well HT is strong. CT in my waxes is strong.