Pinion Wood Fragrance

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Co-op and surplus fragrance is packaged in either 8 oz or 1 lb increments. I use PET Bullet Bottles to make the most of shipping, but have added a GLASS option for those who prefer it. Usually USPS is the most economical. If ordering bulk, I will seek out the best rate for your order and adjust the refund accordingly.

Pinion Wood is a diferent take on basic woods. It is a sweeter heartwood aroma that stands apart from all of the other woods in my collection. It is a perfect fragrance for the holidays alone and in blends. I can imagine this in a Victorian Christmas blend.  It's a strong performer in soap and candles. 


Cat 1 - not allowed

Cat 2 - .88%

Cat 3: 1.05%

Cat 4 - 12.34%

Cat 5A - 4%

Cat 5B - 0.54%

Cat 5C - 2.13%

Cat 5D - 0.18%

Cat 6 - Not Allowed

Cat 7A - 1.05%

Cat 7B - 1.05%

Cat 8 - 0.18%%

Cat 9: 4.88%%

Cat 10A - 4.88%

Cat 10B - 30.85%

Cat 11A - 0.18%

Cat 11B - 0.18%

Cat 12 - No Restriction

Blends Well With:

Use pinion to add an interesting forest note to your blends. Ideas: Fir Needle, lemon, berries, citrus, patchouli, moss, spices... 

Soap Notes:

easy as can be to make.  Took my time and poured leisurely. 
standard 40% lye solution, room temp, 100 ish degree oils.

oils: palm, coconut, olive, Shea, cocoa butter, castor oil.

% used: 4.5%.  May be able to use less for a fully scented cold process soap.  
Morphing: none

fade: none yet.  Will monitor for it over the coming weeks.


Acceleration: None

Discoloration: beige to tan


Candle Test #1:

common 9 oz straight sided amber glass  jar, inside diameter approx 2.5” give or take. 
Wax blend: coco83:sp487 70:30.

FO%: 8%. The sales rep recommends using 6% to start testing.  I jumped to 8 out of habit. 

wick: CDN 6. The flame is steady and pretty.

Cold Throw: 10 out of 10. Just like out of bottle

Hot Throw: 9 out of 10 with this wick. No fragrance HT is perfect to me. This one is close.

Product Thoughts:

I can imagine this in everything from bath and body (bar and liquid soap, shampoo/conditioner, lotion, body spray, dusting powder) to home (kitchen soap, air freshener, dish soap, laundry soap, etc). Will smell cheery in car freshies too.