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Myrrh is an essential base note all by itself or in blends. This version is a woodsy, spicy combination that works its magic with practically every other fragrance in my collection.  I love it with Frankincense essential oil (of course), and with other incense notes like Dragons Blood. It's also amazingly good with citruses, florals and other tart, bright essences. Use it in your Chakra blends, holiday and cool weather specialties for that grounded Myrrh energy.

Acceleration: None

Discoloration: Light to medium brown

CP Soaping Notes: Was well behaved for me in my typical room temp veg blend. When blending with non-discoloring fragrances, I split the batter and scent the parts individually before pouring. The Myrrh part will discolor into rich colored swirls while the other part will remain uncolored (or colored with whatever you choose). 

Candle Notes: Had to wick up 2 sizes, but when it was dialed in OH MY is it nice. All alone or in blends it adds a spicy, warm note.

Custom clients immediately asked for it to be blended with Clementine. I sniffed it with Frankincense and it rounded off the sharp essential notes in the frank. I love it with woods, firs, berries, spices, you name it.  Like cute black shoes, Myrrh goes with everything. I may bring back a "Renaissance" fragrance of myrrh and dirt, it's that good. Pardon me while I go spray this fragrance everywhere.


IFRA Categories Limit % IFRA Categories Limit %
Category 1 Not Applicable Category 7A 7.4%
Category 2 2.1% Category 7B 7.4%
Category 3 3.2% Category 8 1.6%
Category 4 38.8% Category 9 26.6%
Category 5A 9.9% Category 10A 26.6%
Category 5B 5% Category 10B 69.4%
Category 5C 8.4% Category 11A 1.6%
Category 5D 1.6% Category 11B 1.6%
Category 6 Not Applicable Category 12 69.4



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