Scenter Oil

Enjoy our Scenter Oil concentrates for your wax melts, potpourri, Scenter Bead ceramic stones, Scenter Sachets, and anything else you can think of. The oils are powerfully strong concentrates.

Scenter Oils are made specifically for scenting SPACES not skin.  NOT for direct skin contact. If you would like a perfume, please visit the perfumery page.

Scenter Oil is a versatile fragrance concentrate for all of your favorite spaces. Packaged in a convenient 30 ml / 1 oz glass bottle with Euro Dropper you can easily add as little a one drop at a time to refresh your potpourri, Scenter Sachet, Scenter Stones, wax melt or add directly to your oil or wax warmer. 


Simple Scenter Salt: I usually spoon about a tablespoon of ordinary salt to my warmer and about 4-5 drops of the concentrate to scent my home for many hours. In small spaces a small dish of salt with a few drops of this will gently waft your favorite fragrance for days. You can refresh the salt as many times as you wish. or just shake the salt crystals up once in a while to release more fragrance. When you want to swap out fragrances.


Scent while you clean: use ordinary salt scented with Scenter Oil in your vacuum to fill your space with fragrance as you clean. Or add a few drops of the oil to the bagless vacuum compartment or the bag for vacuums with bags.


Scent the commode:  Add a few drops to the water before you go, or after a flush to give your bathroom a much more pleasant scent.


Scenter Oils can be mixed to create your own special blends.


If your favorite is not listed, please contact me to have it added to the catalog right away! You can even request a custom blend all your own.