Fragrance Co-Op

I purchase my own custom fragrances in bulk from a wonderful lab. Often I order surplus to share with members of my online forum:

When available, I will list them here for you to purchase.

Shipping Cost: 

Co-Op fragrances are NOT eligible for free shipping. fragrances are being offered at group prices to save us all money.



When a fragrance is listed as "PREBUY" it means we have not yet met the minimum order for a keg of fragrance. People who participate in a co-op pitch in to purchase the keg for a significant discount off of retail prices. Pre-buy orders are pre-paid, including shipping.

When the fragrance earns enough interest through PREBUY it is ordered, received, bottled and shipped.  THIS MAY TAKE SEVERAL WEEKS TO COMPLETE. Once the keg is ordered it typically takes 2-4 weeks to arrive. It is then bottled and shipped right out to you.

If the keg does not meet the minimum co-op money is refunded to participants.

Any extra fragrance from a pre-buy is listed on the retail site without the pre-buy discount. This helps cover carrying costs, yet still makes the fragrance available to you between co-op buys.