Wax Melts

Beeswyck's famous Beeswax base wax melts are back in several different sizes!

I design custom wax blends for clients, and finally had time to work on my own once again.  The winning blend contains my all time favorite wax: beeswax. Beeswax allows me to add a LOT more fine fragrance than possible with other waxes.  To the beeswax I add a combination of non-soy vegetable waxes. Eliminaing soy allows for clean color (should you choose) and bright clear fragrance throw without the "dullness" of soy. A typical melt in this blend lasts for several days in my halogen lamp melters. The melt point of the blend is low enough to work in lower wattage melters also.

I'm offering several sizes and shapes to allow you the freedom to blend your own signature scents. Go wild with my suggestions, or take a road less traveled, blaze your own trail, go wild with fragrances.

Our shoppe at the Renaissance Faire required plastic packaging to protect the wax from extremes of heat, humidity and rough handling.  The quest for plastic-free packaging has been successful with options of glassine or a round tin. We are well on our way toward minimal/no single use non-recyclable plastic packaging.