The Cleaning Cube! a POUND of pure clean

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Here at Scenter Square we have been Green since long before it was cool. I'm a midwesterner transplanted from New England. Basically that makes me a practical, and clever girl.  I require my products to work exceptionally well and be of great quality for you. I use everything I make in my own home, so they had better be the best.

Likewise, I have a "thing" against excess packaging. The cleaning cube is an Aleppo type of soap block that looks right at home on a pretty tile next to your sink. 

What is it? The Cleaning Cube is over a pound of grease fighting miracle. I use coconut oil exclusively in this soap because it contains fatty acids like Lauric which laugh in the face of grease. Want to strip the bacon grease from your pan? here ya go. Wet your cleaning sponge/cloth, give the cloth a couple of passes across the top of the soap and wipe away that grease with gusto. 

The cleaning cube is tough on clothing stains too. Wipe a bit on your stain and toss it into the wash. 

Orange Power: Orange Essential Oil teams with a little D-Limonene

Lemon - Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil with a little D-Limonene

Lavender - Lavender Essential Oil

Lemon Lavender - Lavender Essential Oil with Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil and a bit of D-Limonene

Au Naturel - No Added Scent.


I color code these with cosmetic mica to reflect the scent. It also makes them stand out on your sink as a little consumable piece of art.


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oil Blend, cosmetic colorant.