Spell Candle Set - One Of Each

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One of Each! Have a candle for every situation with this collection. 21 candles total with the chart of colors is lovingly packaged  in a muslin bag for safe keeping.

Charming mini tapers made of beeswax come in 21 colors including herbal for all of your spellwork needs! Sometimes a full size taper is too much. These spell candles are dipped to about 4" tall and approximately 1/2" wide for when you need about 2 hours of bright candle light. Since they are made of beeswax, they are naturally dripless (keep out of drafts for the best burn.)

Beeswax Mini Tapers are hand dipped the old fashioned way. We string about a mile of pure cotton wick on old fashioned dippers and dip until the candles reach the right size. All except Bayberry are made from pure beeswax for the brightest, longest burn possible. All are left unscented so you can add your choice of essential oil when you are ready to burn them. Even left unscented, beeswax burns with a warm, delightful scent.

The bright colored tapers are made from refined white beeswax, then colored with candle safe dyes.
The herbal and gold are made from yellow, unrefined beeswax.
The Bayberry is made from authentic bayberry wax with a bit of beeswax to help it burn well.

Size:  Each taper is approximately 4 inches in length,and 1/2" wide at the base. Variances in thickness occur as the candles on the dipping frame collect wax at different rates.

I package these in a muslin bag with the chart of colors.