Satin Black Candle Holder For Mini Tapers

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Satin Black is a classic, contemporary color choice for displaying your mini tapers. 

Ceramic Candles Holders sized to fit Mini Tapers are made from stoneware ceramic clay. Perfectly proportioned to the mini taper, the hoders are 2.5-2.75 inches wide and 0.5-.075 inches tall.

I throw each holder one at a time by hand on the pottery wheel.  Given the nature of pottery clay and the hand made process, the sizes and colors vary slightly from holder to holder. I like to call them sisters, just not identical twins. When complete, every holder is as individual as you are. 

I make them using the age old process that begins with preparing "wet" clay. Once it is smooth and uniform, a small ball of clay is spun and shaped on the pottery wheel. It takes several days to dry the piece, then it is trimmed and smoothed by hand and put into a bisque firing with others in the series to magically change it to a more permanent piece of art.

This particular type of stoneware clay is fired twice. The first fire takes about 24 hours to heat to just over 1900* Farenheight, then cool so I can apply my custom glazes. The second 24 hour firing process is to 2200*F to melt and set the glaze and fully cool, package and send to you or your special giftee.