Pure Beeswax Pillar Candle - Round - No Added Scent

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Beeswax is the ultimate in bright, long-lasting candle wax. I hand pour each and every pillar to ensure quality from beginning to end.  I use refined yellow for nearly all of the candles, with the exception of Macabre, and a few other select signature blends. For those which require color, I use fully refined white beeswax instead to ensure pure color without a yellow hue.

Each 12 oz candle is 3 inches in diameter and 3.25 inches tall, and burns for approximately 90-100 hours, depending on how well you manage your wick.  We try to keep our flames at about 1" tall.  If taller, hug the pillar or trim that wick! If shorter, let it burn. I check on the burn of my pillars every hour or so to ensure a perfect burn and prevent accidental blow outs.


I like my candles to consume every drop of wax, so "hugging" is part of my routine. When the melted pool of wax is about 1/4" from the edge, I gently pinch around the candle to help the walls melt inward.  This deepens the melt pool temporarily and shortens the flame. If done right before extinguishing it will be prepared to light the next time for a beautiful long burn.