One Boxed Pair of Authentic Hand Dipped 8" Bayberry Wax Tapers

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These special candles were hand dipped using pure cotton wicks. We left the pair joined to give you more designing and decorating options when they arrive to your home.

The joined candle pairs are wrapped with in tissue paper sealed with my iconic sticker. 

Each order is shipped enclosed in beautiful Kraft paper box secured with a kraft paper band with the poem printed right on the back.

Enhance your home during the holidays with the New England Tradition! You may choose to omit or enclose the poem.

This bayberry candle comes from a friend
so on a Special Occasion burn it down to the end.
For a bayberry candle burned to the socket,
will bring joy to the heart and gold to the pocket.

In early Colonial times supplies for survival were in short supply. Traditionally the women of the house were responsible for gathering things to help the family survive the long, hard winters. Bayberry shrubs grew in abundance on the shores. People quickly learned that the berries of the shrub contained a wax that was valuable for candles to illuminate the home.

Bayberry wax is one of the rarest and most expensive waxes known in today's market. Berries of the Myrtle shrub are gathered as they were in early Colonial days, then painstakingly boiled to release the wax that has been a traditional mainstay during the holidays to bring heath and wealth in the new year.

Our Bayberry candles are made of real bayberry wax, not a bayberry colored or scented substitute. Bayberry wax is extremely brittle on its own. To protect your investment, we blend just the right amount of pure beeswax to ensure that your candles will burn bright and clean and not easily shatter.

Enjoy the color and gentle bayberry aroma as you burn these candles inviting health and good luck into your home on any holiday you wish (I like to increase my chances of good luck and burn them on every holiday!). Make it a tradition in your home, and in the homes of your loved ones. These make wonderful hostess gifts and gifts for the people who already have everything.

Bayberry Tapers are sold by the pair with a copy of the legend enclosed. I shrink wrap each pair together to help protect them in shipment. Each taper order is lovingly packaged in tissue and kraft eco wrap tied with jute twine for a perfect rustic look. The tissue color varies. By request each set can be wrapped individually.


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    Bayberry Wax taper

    Posted by Wendy on 24th Dec 2023

    My mother grew up in Ohio and said every year they burned a bayberry candle for good luck in the new year on Christmas Eve. I have purchased several big-name brands’ ‘bayberry’ candles over the years that were ‘okay’. Then a couple of years ago, when we were in New England, I came across this company’s Bayberry tapers. I will NEVER burn any other candle again. The smell is amazing, the burn is clean and never messy, and this is as close to the long-standing tradition of handmade bayberry candles as one can find. Thank you for the quality of your product!