19th Oct 2020


During my entire professional career I renewed employment one year at a time. It is an easy target to do “something” for one year. The years add up and allow for lots of growth and change in small, measurable increments.

For many years I was always on some business trip when a first roll over, first crawl, first step happened. My daughter’s first word was, “Dada”. At 3 years of age, my daughter knew me basically as the person who made her eat green stuff instead of chicken nuggets and fries. That was it. I left the familiar corporate world to spend precious, irreplaceable moments raising my daughter, vowing to never miss a “First” again. The corporate ladder got tossed in the bonfire where I watched it burn.

when my little was three we started a Hobby business together to have something creative to do together. We designed bath products that were mom tested and kid approved. When we decided to grow it into something “real” we joined the Handmade Soap and Cosmetics Guild for insurance and their business tools and benefits. never once did I plan to end up meeting a 10 year anniversary with my own small enterprise.

Happy 10th Anniversary to us! And many more... just one year at a time.