TT's Fragrances - Faery Wings

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All Co-op and surplus fragrance is packaged in 1 lb increments. I use PET Bullet Bottles to make the most of shipping. Usually USPS is the most economical. If ordering bulk, I will seek out the best rate for your order and adjust the refund accordingly. If enough interest in fragrance co-op sizes,  I may offer 8 oz sizes in the future.


Faery Wings is my interpretation of the original "Summer Fling" discontinued by Brambleberry. It is wonderful on its own, but also makes a lovely base for blending.  Notes of apple blossoms, berries and cyclamen flower blend into an ethereal scent that people who love floral and fruit absolutely adore. It is a floral for people who usually do not care for floral scents. 



Class 1 - not allowed

Class 2 - 0.976% 

Class 3 - 4.87%

Class 4 - 4.87%

Class 5 - 4.87%

Class 6 - not allowed

Class 7 - 1.94%

Class 8 - 4.87%

Class 9 - 4.87%

Class 10 - 4.87%

Class 11 - no restriction


Blends Well With:

Any other fruit you can imagine, champagne, sandalwood, wines, citrus, grass.

CP Soaping Notes:

This version is excellent in cold process soap at 0.7 oz of FO per lb of oils. It sticks very well in my soap. 

Acceleration: It is at its heart a floral, so work quickly, consider using "full water" and stick blend very minimally. I can get a multi colored swirl with little trouble as long as I remember it is a floral.

Discoloration: I don't note much, if any Discoloration My soap base is a pale ivory.

Performance in Candles:

I use this in every single wax in my shop. It performs well for me using typical wicks,  in soy, coconut and beeswax at 6%  (1 oz of FO per lb of wax). Your wax my require a wick up or down a size. When wicked well HT is strong. CT in my waxes is strong.