Clary Sage & Lavender Scent Roll On Finally! Deodorant

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Clary Sage and Lavender Essential Oils are a powerful combo in this classic Roll On Finally! Natural Deodorant.

You love this product in solid stick form, now here it is in a bigger Roll-On! This natural, hypoallergenic deodorant harnesses the power of natural Magnesium to prevent the growth of bacteria known to cause "stinky arm pits".

I've removed the ingredients that make it into a solid stick to give you more of the powerful odor fighting ingredients you love. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to be as gentle as possible. This version is the one I started with years ago, but abandoned when I mistakenly thought other people would not like roll-ons. Let me tell you, the locals have revolted and want their roll-on back, so here it is, available to you too.

Shake well before each use.
Apply to clean, unbroken underarm skin.
Discontinue use if irritation occurs

This listing is for a generous three ounces by weight of this fabulous product in a plastic Roll On container that measures about 5 inches tall and about 1.25 inches in diameter. This size lasts me for several months when used daily.


And now for something completely different. In my search for a "natural deodorant" I tried just about every published formula from oils&butters (ick) mixed with Baking Soda (ouch) to just sodium stearate with propylene glycol (sticky) and everything in between. I disliked the oil slick and sticky mess that never delivered. No matter what magic essential oil blend or natural starch I still smelled not so pleasant, often worse than without anything at all. We can't have that. I must be able to raise my arms and wave Huzzah without worry.

So I dusted off my chemistry diploma, opened the biology texts and studied the science of pit sweat. Yes, I need a life.

Malodor is caused by normal bacteria multiplying out of control in your sensitive under arm area. Changing the pH of that underarm just enough to be inhospitable to the bacteria, while still remaining in a great range for normal healthy skin, is the key to preventing the problem.

After hundreds of hours of research, testing and non-clinicial trials I have FINALLY come up with a convenient soft stick formula that actually delivers. No Aluminum No Parabens. Just honest to goodness hypoallergenic freshness with ingredients that the EWG deems safe for the purpose.

The active ingredients include Magnesium, Witch Hazel, and saccharomyces ferment, a natural yeast that underarm bacteria cannot thrive with, and a safe preservative to help ensure that your natural product is as fresh at the end as it is when you first open it.

- Aluminum Free
- Paraben Free
- Natural
- Renewable
- Hypoallergenic

Ingredients: Magnesium Hydroxide, Deionized Water, Witch Hazel (alcohol free), Essential Oil of Clary Sage and Lavender, Caprylyl Glycol (safe preservative), Saccharomyces Ferment.